Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where's the love?

I need a San Francisco friend to visit me soon. Really soon. I could have things ready by this weekend if a San Francisco friend wanted to stay over. I promise not to give you pneumonia. It's not contagious anyway unless we lock lips so I promise not to kiss you, but I will give you LOTS and LOTS of hugs!


katy said...

hiiiiii *hugs*!! I ran into Ann Moss last night at an audition and we were commiserating together about how much we missed you!!!!! Are you feeling better today??

annelies said...

i would like to tell you that i watched part of your last performance of "open arms" with my roommate today. it got me all nostalgic and missing you. i need to connect you with my friend kim out in nyc and have been thinking i want to come out there sooner than july (though that's really not bound to happen). yea alan!

Crash 'n' Burn Bethie said...

Aw! We miss you, Alan!! I'm so sorry you've been sick! Are you feeling any better?? I'm thinking about when I can come out there - we shall see. Schedule and money are tight, but I DO need to make it out there, so...I'll let you know! Gotta send you your check this week, too!!!

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