Thursday, February 28, 2008


So one year ago today, I arrived in New York, and at this very moment one year ago my mother and I were assembling my Ikea bed.

It's amazing how the past year has been. Most of it has been very hard and not fun, but I think I'm a stronger person. I still miss San Francisco, and after my visit there for my birthday (which was one of my best), I realize that I'm supposed to be in New York. Even though my life as a performer has been at a stand-still, I try to remain optimistic that one day everything will fall into place.

Today, I've been reflecting on my one year in NYC, and I still haven't come up with any conclusive feelings about it, except that it's been very hard. What I've learned in the past year is that good friends, family, and "home" (wherever the heart is) are the most important things in my life right now. They are the foundation for my sense of well-being as well as my mental and emotional health. When I love and am loved in return, it brings the most amazing sense of peace and stillness to my spirit.

Monday, February 4, 2008

... and back to SF again

So I will be 30 years old tomorrow, which will probably be the last time anyone can say to me, "You don't look a day over thirty!" At least, tomorrow will be the last day when that statement is 100% true. Anyway, I digress...

My friends flew me back to San Francisco to celebrate. It has been a wonderful trip. Highlights thus far have included...
1. Playing Sims Castaway on R's Wii.
2. Seeing the mountains.
3. Getting a cheap, stylish, gay haircut in the castro.
4. Seeing Cloverfield and watching New York get torn to shreds from a safe distance.
5. Watching a cable car go by.
6. Renting a movie from my former neighborhood video store with K.
7. Eating at my favorite burger place, Flippers. (I screamed like a little girl when R drove me by there the day before)
8. Going to the beach in the rain.
9. Seeing my psychic and her baby in Oakland.
10. Dinner with family
11. Seeing ocean and mountains again.
12. Sunday afternoon nap.
13. Karaoke extravaganza party and seeing ALL my San Francisco friends. (that's right... if you didn't come, you aren't my friend... lol)
14. Going to one of my fav. neighborhood bars in the castro.

So, the birthday week is not yet over. I have more activities planned for today and tomorrow before heading back to NYC on Wednesday... that is if it's still there. It seems the Cloverfield monster didn't leave much standing. That's okay though, because I can always come back to SF.

Wherefore art thou...?