Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bringing IKEA home

One of my favorite things to do in my new room is to watch dvd's on my computer at night. I know it doesn't sound that special just yet, but wait!

The very same day I moved here, my mother (she helped me drive here from San Francisco) and I unloaded the HUGE SUV I rented, and then immediately went to IKEA in NJ. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IKEA! I bought a full size bed including the mattress, mattress pad, sheets, quilt, quilt cover, and pillows. I also bought a bookcase, some dressers, and shelves for my cd's and dvd's. Because I painted (had help from my San Francisco and New York roommates) 3 of my walls with a lighter spring green and one accent wall with a darker, earthier green, I felt I needed other colors to balance out the attack of grass colors on my walls. So I chose red. My quilt cover has very shades of reds on it: red, magenta, burgundy, and even some various shades of orange. I even bought a red rug for my hardwood floors. But now to the best part. It is the lighting in my room that really makes everything pop. Just by altering the lighting, the room can have multiple atmospheres, and my favorite atmosphere is the one I create when I am watching my dvd's. For that, I have two 12" lamps called MYLONIT that are red. Go to and do a search under that name I can't pronounce. Of course, they come in green, white, and blue as well, but I had no idea that with those two red lights on alone, my room becomes bathed in a rich, red light. Think red light district in Amsterdam, but without the booze, sex, and drugs. I bet the same effect could be achieved with the other colors as well. I should get two of each color just so I can alter the color of my room for various moods and such. Of course, if anyone reading this wants to buy a housewarming gift or two, I wouldn't object to having more of these lamps, but just in other colors. They are only $9.99 a piece and you can order them online and have them shipped anywhere. :-)

So late at night with just me and my dvd's, I lay on my bed, and watch my shows and movies on my computer until the wee hours... all in the comfort of my own personal IKEA showroom.

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