Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New York Celebrity Moments

Ok, so to make up for lost blog time, I'm going to add an additional post. It was St. Patrick's Day. I was riding the subway, and at one point I transferred to the express train. No, I didn't get lost this time. So, when I get on the train, I sit down, and directly opposite me is a woman who looked a lot like Lucy Liu. Now, I couldn't be sure because she wasn't wearing any make-up, but I did my standard celebrity scan to assess whether or not it was her. It was much like the time back in 1995 when I had a summer job bagging groceries at Lake Tahoe, and Leonard Nimoy was checking out in my line. I knew he looked familiar... a lot like Spock from Star Trek. He was my first celebrity scan. I just stared at his ears. I tried to imagine them pointy to see if it helped. It didn't. What did help is that he payed with a credit card, and the checker was able to correctly identify him. then I said to myself, "I KNEW it!" Then I asked his wife if she needed help out with their bulk sized toilet paper. Think of all the trekees who would kill to touch something that would go where no man (other than Spock himself) has gone before! Anyway, back to Lucy. Yes, I did my celebrity scan. She had the right haircut. Same as the real Lucy Liu. Check. Asian eyes. Check. High cheek bones matched with the unique angular jaw line. Check. But I still couldn't tell with out the make-up. So I started assessing the clothes. What WOULD a celebrity wear on the subway? Why would a celebrity ride the subway? Anyway, the alleged Lucy's pants were like hospital scrubs. Her shoes were cute, but nothing special. After all, there was dirty street snow everywhere. Why would anyone wear nice shoes? The coat look nice. It was white and looked like it was down-filled. But the BAG!!! It looked like a fancy rich girl bag. It was BIG and square. So, my conclusion was that I didn't know. I couldn't ask to see her credit card. She wasn't buying toilet paper or anything. And even if it was her, I really didn't care. I'm not one to get star-struck. She's not my "celebrity type". Although she is hot... and so is the alleged Lucy. Hmmmmm. Check?

Since I am on the topic of New York celebrities, I have to share another celebrity story. I was talking to one of my psychics on the phone last week- yes! I have more than one, but I was not speaking to my primary psychic. I was speaking to Lorraine (name altered). My good friend Karen (name also altered) referred me to her a year ago. I haven't conversed much with her, mainly because her advice is sometimes too simplistic for my needs although she is good at putting complicated situations into perspective. Anyway, we were talking about my move when she has an intuitive flash. She said I needed to contact Rosie O'Donnell. She had a serious urgency in the tone of her voice. I responded, "O.... K....?" She promptly said, "The angels are telling me you need to make contact with her. She is meant to be an angel in your life, and she will help you with your career." At this point, it was all I could do to keep from laughing. But Lorraine was SO SERIOUS. And I mean NO disrespect for her, but the cynic in me laughed so hard inside. She said the message was so strong that she was getting goosebumps. Now you might be thinking, she just wanted my money, but the truth is, she wasn't charging me for this information. Lorraine is a very sweet but straight-forward woman (in her 60's or 70's, I think) who charged me only for our initial automatic writing session. After that, she said if I ever needed to talk, all I had to do was pick up the phone and talk.

So after laughing the rest of the evening and into the next day, I started thinking about it. I mean, it really couldn't hurt me to contact Rosie. The worst that could happen is that she wouldn't respond, or she would take out a restraining order on me. Neither of those situations would really bother me. So the question then became, what would I say, and how would I say it. Well, Lorraine told me what to say: "Tell her that a psychic intuitive told you to contact her and that the psychic intuitive says that she is meant to help you. Tell her your story, that you are an opera singer who just moved to New York, and that you need her help. She will love hearing all of that. She is into the psychic intuitive stuff." So between my own laughing and trying to be open, I finally decided to write to Rosie.

It took lots of mental preparation. I had to be professional, and I had to add humor to soften the strangeness of a "fan" writing her because his psychic told him to. So I will post below my letter to Rosie which I dropped in the mailbox today:

Dear Ms. O'Donnell:

My disclaimer: I think this letter will be very strange, but I’m hoping (and betting on the fact) that you’ve received stranger.

I am a 29 yr. old male opera singer who just moved to NYC from San Francisco. While in SF, I received my master’s in music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and I performed as a soloist at small local companies. I also sang full-time with the San Francisco Opera Chorus for two years, but I grew restless and my heart is wanting more, which is why I moved to NYC at the beginning of March. I know that more auditions in the opera business take place here than in SF. The problem I have with my career of choice is that embarking as a soloist is an entirely individualistic experience. No successful soloist will travel the same path. Even the experienced mentors I worked with in SF could not guide me. They all say the same things: “Keep working on your voice.” “Keep auditioning.” “Get more experience.” The problem for me is that I continue doing these things anyway and always will, but it feels like a break will never come and that I spend more time practicing and auditioning than actually doing. I’ve had several higher-ups in the profession tell me I’m very talented and that they were impressed by my talent, but they never do more to help me.

So while in San Francisco (I’m originally from TN), I got in touch with a new spiritual aspect of myself. I needed to because I was coming into my gay sexuality as well as my singing career. I made contact with reputable psychics so that I could have intuitive assistance on my path. The New Age stuff was really helpful for me because I was able to find my repressed angers and frustrations as well as the love and compassion needed to heal them. I became more grounded and found my sense of purpose in this life. Knowing what I needed to do was the easy (using that word loosely) part. But knowing HOW is what causes me to feel frustrated and lost a lot of the time.

Here is where the letter takes a strange turn. I was speaking to one of my psychic intuitives last week on the phone and receiving advice, and she said I should contact you and tell you my story. She said that “it is divine providence for her to be an angel in your life.” She said she felt the message so strongly that she got goosebumps. After I hung up the phone, I laughed non-stop for several hours and on into the next day. I was seriously wondering what was wrong with her. But once I finally stopped laughing, I figured it certainly wouldn’t hurt my cause any if I were to write, except that you might never take my mail again. And if nothing else, you should at least get a nice laugh out of it, too.

Now, honestly speaking, I don’t know much about you except that you do/have done musical theatre, are a host on the View, and that you have a family. So, I’m just writing to let you know my story and that a psychic told me you could help me. I don’t know the why, when, how, where, and what (the psychic left out that part), but if this letter pressed your intuitive “OH MY GOD! I must help this one, and I know how! I’ve been waiting for [The Opera Singer] to contact me my whole life!” button, please feel free to contact me. (My contact info is below.) Otherwise, thank you for taking the time to read this very strange letter. I think I will save it on my computer as “Psychic Referral.”

All the best,

[The Opera Singer]

So that's my Rosie O'Donnell experience. If any developments occur, I will add it to this blog... unless she decides she wants to be my best friend and requests discretion. And to my primary psychic, Hilda ( I hope you recognize your altered name if you are reading this... especially since you are psychic), if you wish to provide any of your intuitive input into the situation, it would be welcome. Will she be my best friend? Will we be anti-American Idol, truth-speaking, truth seeking, 5th chakra soulmates? Or should I expect a restraining order in the mail?

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